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Would you like to produce a credit card in MYCITI?

All Credit Cards

The 5 Credit cards are:

Double money card

City Simplicity Card

Advantage Credit Card

City Student awards

City awards

CitiBank gives its clients many cards. Many of these will vary and be made to meet various demands and requirements.

How to Create a Bank Account on

Now you can produce your banking accounts in Citibank online or through a Mobile Application. There’s no necessity to visit CitiBank branches also you also may make an account in your home. That is extremely helpful as you never need to take some additional time.

All you’ve got to do is move into the website or mobile application. In the corner of text writing on the very top, you’re able to observe to create an account easily. Choose the kind of accounts you would like to create Fill in all of the important points and follow along, and you’ll receive your account number.

How to log in on

There are two approaches to login into your Citibank accounts online. It’s possible to utilize their official site or their mobile application. Ensure you’ve got a fantastic internet connection and a computer apparatus. As It the instance of Bank accounts and Credit Cards. You’ve got to be aware of safety.


These are the eight steps to log in to this website via PC:

    1. View established site
    2. An internet site will start, and you’ll notice a hint in the box in the ideal corner.
    3. There’ll soon be just two areas.
    4. Fill in your password.
    5. Fill in your user ID.
    6. Click “Don’t forget my user ID” as well as allow.
    7. Finally, click the “Sign up” button.
    8. You may soon be logged into your accounts.

These are the four steps to log in to Citibank website via the Mobile app:

Even as we understand, On the planet, most men and women utilize Mobile. It’s not bad; it’s easy to use and carry. That’s why CitiBank now offers a mobile application to managing your accounts simpler. In Case You Have already installed Citibank mobile application, all you need to Do is four small measures:

  • Install the CitiBank mobile application from the Google play store or Apple store for i-OS.
  • Open the program and click the login button.
  • Provide password and user name.
  • You’re going to be logged in to your accounts.

How to Register Your Account Online

  1. Next, Fill in your account information using your debit or credit card number or your banking account amount.
  2. Verify and setup password and username.
  3. Step one is to enroll your account before logging in.
  4. It’s possible to enroll your Citi Bank accounts online by visiting

How to Apply for Credit Card?

You’re able to apply for a credit card out of the home. You can choose this through a Website or MobilePhone.

Apply from website

  • Open the following link Cards.
  • Choose the Card of your selection.
  • Click “Employ and Find Out More.”
  • Subsequently, you must Fill in your personal information, financial information, contact, and address facts.
  • Currently, press Apply.
  • You are going to get your Card in 3-8 business days.

Apply from Mobile Phone

You can apply for a card by simply calling 1-877-645-3708. An agent will request details and also initial information regarding your bank. You may get your Card once approved.

How to Activate Your Credit Card at

Just like applying for a credit card through the site, you could even trigger your Card through the site or mobile application.

Activate your Card via Online

  • See
  • Select “Activate a card” only under the sign-in button.
  • Fill in your card number in the front of your account.
  • They’ll request the banking account number, username, and password.
  • After then, Your Card will be activated.

Activate through Mobile Phone: 1-877-645-3708

  • For those who haven’t any PC or Notebook. Do not worry. Just call 1-877-645-3708.
  • Your Card will be activated after a couple of minutes.
Feature of Citi Card
  • Free teller service 24hour
  • customer service
  • ATM access
  • Money Order
  • Wheelchair-accessible ATMs

Customer Service at

Phone: 1-877-804-10821-605-335-2222

Fax Number: 1-605-335-2222

Email Id: [email protected]


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