One Piece filler episodes list

Over 900 episodes based on unique sagas and arcs are aired from the Toei Animations, including the two Manga-based and contains a less quantity One Piece filler episodes listing. A one-piece filler listing comprises a reduced quantity of filler episodes when compared with other people.

The major part of this series is Monkey D Luffy, A boy who’s on an adventure to locate the treasure “One part” to become another Pirates King. After ingestion of the Devil fruit Paramecia, he gained rubberized abilities inside his body.

What are the fillers?

one piece filler

The filler is that the non-canon materials added inside the show may comprise an arc or even saga or episodes. Fillers are utilized to increase the main-storyline distinctly. Both visual and narrative fillers are somewhat reduced in quality; that is why some folks wish to bypass them. However, not all fillers are poor; it may have a massive fan following. It’s made to outpace the Manga.

This manual is all about One part filler listing, which means that you can find out what episodes are there in 1 part filler listing and jump in to see if you would like first canon content.

How much filler is One Piece?

one piece episode list

That is why we made One part filler listing for you to select what episodes are there in 1 Piece that are indicated filler and bypass them.

Filler episodes aren’t as bad at the 1 Piece. There’s also a large number of fans after arcs in 1 part filler list. However, there’s also the neighborhood of the men and women who do not need to observe these filler episodes since they want first manga content; they wish to skip filler listing if it’s 1 part filler listing or other anime.

1 Piece is one of the most well-known anime collections. Despite being among the most wonderful series, 1 Piece also comprises filler episodes. But One part filler listing has a lesser% speed of approximately 11%. One-piece series comprises over 900 episodes; surprisingly, a 1 part filler list comprises just 103 episodes.

One Piece filler list:

Following is the 1 part filler listing (only filler) so that you can test them out and jump them.

Filler episodes in Apis Arc: There are just eight episodes within this Arc out of Ep 54 –Ep 61. Apis arc can also be Known as Warship

Island Arc. In this Arc, Luffy rescued a little girl named Apis in the Marines and helped her dragonfly.

After Alabasta filler list: This Arc included five episodes at the 1 part filler listing, 131-135. This is the article arc once Luffy defeats the Crocodile and the kingdom termed he rescued Alabasta.

Goat Island Arc: Shortly after Alabasta Arc, the 1 part filler list is started in the Goat (ep 136-138). These filler episodes are all about the Goat and an elderly guy. Luffy helped the older man to eliminate those marines who wish to assault his Goat. In reality, the Goat was all to this old guy, and Luffy spared that poor Goat.

Filler episodes based on Rainbow Mist Arc: This Arc includes filler episodes from Ep 139-143. Episodes in this Arc are about the property Ruluka. An old guy was attempting to decode the info concerning the rainbow mist to rescue his childhood friend trapped inside. Nevertheless, the straw-hat pirate wishes to rule about the property.

G8 ARC : (After skypiea): Luffy and his team were attempting to escape the sea base in which they had been inadvertently trapped due to the falling of this boat. They had been hiding in different areas to rescue their own lives out of the marines; Luffy wants to spare Merry before heading out. This Arc is filled with thrill and is founded on 12 episodes inclusion into the One-piece filler listing in Episode 196-206.

Ocean Dreams Arc: In this Arc: Luffy dropped his memory on his solution to seven. The sole robin hasn’t lost his memories due to not obtaining nighttime sleep. They must fight against a monster to receive their memories. Ocean fantasies covered four episodes at the 1 part filler listing from Episode 220-224. There’s also a surprise conflict between Luffy and Zorro in this Arc, so it is well worth watching.

Competition between foxy and straw hat: This Arc is loosely based on the conflict between Foxy pirates and straw-hat pirates. After returning, Foxy pirates begin the contest against straw-hat and conquer. This Arc includes episodes from 225 –226.

Hunters on the ice Land: The Arc narrative is about the folks residing about the ice soil; they search pirates and take their flags. Aquino’s family strikes the straw-hats boats and also carries their flag. The flag has been taken back from the team with no Luffy getting to learn about it. This Arc shot 11 episodes 326-335. This is a simple 11 more-episode addition to the 1 part Ink list.

5-star Island arc: 5-star island initially called Spa Island. Luffy and his team stopped them from unwinding; however, the chance to meet with two sisters focusing on their dad’s projectile helped them finish their daddy’s research. Spa island arc includes two filler episodes from 382-384. But at the end of the Arc, the island that was regarded as an island for comfort has been converted to destroy.

The Blue Island Fillers: Little East Blue island arc comprises one-part filler episodes from 426 to 429. The straw hat pirates have ceased largo pirate’s wicked planes within this Arc.

Vice president’s daughter’s ambition: Luffy assisted the girl of a vice president called Momanga to spare the innocent man seized from the Manga. Episodes from 575 to 578 from the 1 part filler list are out of this Arc.

Filler based on Ceasar Retrieval: From the 1 part Ink listing, this Arc comprises episodes 626-628 and is all about the individual rescued by Luffy and Law in the Ceasar.

Silver Mine: In Episodes 747-750, Luffy was trying to escape Island with Bartolome.

Marine Rookie Arc Filler: On the road back from Sanji to large Mother, Straw hat decides to steal the food out of marines since they’re out of food and have nothing to eat abandoned. Episodes are counted at the 1 part filler listing in this Arc are 780-782.

Carbonic Acid King Arc: From the 1 part Ink listing, these will be the present filler episodes. In this Arc, Luffy, with Boa Hancock’s assistance, defeats the bounty hunter to acquire the cola source for the boat of straw hats since they’re from cola supply.

The dialogues, the tales, and the activities created in 1 Piece are completely the job out of genius. After Rorona Zoro said, “you wish to kill me? You could not even kill my boredom”, you can estimate from this dialog how great it’s created. It’s the reason it’s among the greatest anime series ever. Above is your One-piece filler listing that’s only filler means that no material of those stories is associated with the Manga.

Should you watch One Piece filler episodes?

one piece filler episodes

Despite One part filler listing that’s pure filler, there are mixed fillers in 1 Piece. Below is the description of how blended fillers.

In all honesty, it is up to you if you would like to see it or not; however, if you’re the individual who’s seeing One Piece for the very first time, it is tough for you to distinguish between filler and canon. You might understand that the event you saw was filler after viewing it, so I discussed the 1 part filler list in detail. However, if you’re seeing the 1 Piece, you see it is interesting, and you’ll undoubtedly return to see non-canon episodes also.

In my view, you shouldn’t bypass any incident of One Piece; it includes many interesting arcs; if it’s from 1 part filler listing or canon, both are equally amazing, and you’ll enjoy it. The non-canons arcs such as the G-8 Arc, the predators’ Arc, Ceasar Retrieval, and Carbonic acid king, also mentioned in the 1 part filler list segment, are worth viewing filled with thrillers, activities, and excitements; you shouldn’t miss it.

What are the Mixed fillers episodes of One Piece?

The one-part anime show is extraordinarily seen as serious and among the very encouraging anime shows throughout the world.

Mixed canon/filler episodes are the ones that include the material in the Manga but additionally have part of the filler. Thus, it’s well worth watching. I suggest seeing these episodes to prevent any keep yourself on course to the major narrative.


Fast One Piece Filler List

This can be a snappy rundown that invites you to research with bit scenes in one appearance.

Just Fillers:

Episode 54-61, 98-99, 101-102, 131-143, 196-206, 220-226, 279-283, 291-292, 303, 317-319, 326-336, 382-384, 406-407, 426-429, 457-458, 492, 542, 575-578, 590, 626-628, 747-750, 775, 780-782, 807, 881 and scenes from 895-896.

Scene 907 is the most recent filler scene in the arrangement.

Ordinance Mixed with Fillers:

Episode 1, 34, 46-47, 68-69, 96-97, 100, 227, 354, 421, 425, 488-489, 510, 520, 536, 551, 574, 625, 633, 653, 657, 679, 690, 731, 751, 771, 777-778, 783, 787-789, 793, 798-803, 810, 816, 820-822, 825-826, 830, 835, 838-839, 841-842, 846, 849-850, 853, 855, 859, 863, 868, 872-873, 878-879, 882-885, 887-890, 898, 902, 910, 912, 914-915, 917, 924, and scene 934.

You can also register the Shippuden filler listing.

The rest of the scenes are ordinance and proceed by the manga storyline.

One Piece Filler List (anime control)

 Apis Arc (Episodes 54–61)

It’s otherwise known as Warship Island Arc. Within this round section, Luffy and the team enable a young woman named Apis and his companion Dragon Ryuji to fly and spare them out of marines. This bend includes several eight scenes from 54 to 61.

After the Alabasta curve (Episodes 131–135)

This curve starts after Luffy defeated Crocodile and spared Alabasta’s kingdom out of his control. I urge you to see these scenes as they’re identified with Luffy.

Goat (Episode 136-138)

Only after Spectacles 135, you will find additional filler scenes of an older person and his Goat. This Goat is all about for your older individual. Be as it may, marines also require this Goat. Luffy encourages this older individual to spare his Goat.

Rainbow Mist bend (Episode 139-143)

But a malevolent past privateer, along with his grandson, wants something distinct from this. This curve occurs from spectacle 139 to 143.

Straw cap privateer’s boat stopped at an island called Ruluka, where an older person is trying to get information about the secretive space-time rainbow fog in which his cherished companions are captured.

G-8 circular segment (Episode 196–206)

This round section began following the Skypiea bend; straw cap’s ship Going Merry’s fall in the sky arrived at a sea bass that’s cornered by some massive island shakes and captured there only one technique to outside. Luffy and many others are coated in greater areas to find out to go beyond this foundation.

Sea Dream (Episode 220–224)

These filler scenes begin when straw caps arrive in water; however, they dropped their recollections at the fashion, only Robin gets her memory because she’s not rested the previous day. Presently they will need to crush the nearest creature to recover their memory.

Here you may similarly observe a conflict between Luffy and Zoro. Thus, do not overlook this bend.

Charming Pirates Returns (Episode 225–226)

Saucy privateers returned and began an opposition with straw cap privateers.

Aquino Family curve (Episode 326-335)

This family lived on an Ice island, and they trapped privateers to pursue them and take their prosperity. Their father has a propensity for collecting privateer banner ads. Straw cap’s ship Sunny is also caught, and the Aquino family accepts their banner.

Be as it may, Luffy does not have the foggiest notion about it. This round section reveals the crewmate’s function to recover their banner without even Luffy considering it.

Spa Island bend (Episode 382-384)

Following the Thriller park bend, Luffy and the team arrived on a 5-star island well known for spa and unwinding; nevertheless, they fulfilled two sisters who must complete their daddy’s exploration. Others additionally want that evaluation, so Luffy aided them.

Minimal East Blue Island (Episode 426-429)

Straw cap privateers arrived on this island and stopped Largo privateer’s malevolent appetite. This round section happens from spectacle 426 to 429.

Z’s Ambition (Episode 575-578)

Poor dependency leader naval officer Momonga captured a guiltless man and his woman, trying to free him afterward. Luffy induces her to achieve her goal.

Ceasar Retrieval (Episode 626-628)

In the Aftermath of vanquishing Ceasar in Punk Hazard, Luffy and Law Captured him to Watch as a Secret to crush Doflamigo and Kaido. Besides, within this filler curve, a perplexing individual abducted Ceasar and Luffy and Law trying to get him. This curve began from 626 to 628.

Silver Mine Arc (Episode 747-750)

In transit, Luffy fulfilled again using Borthlomeo. A few sea trackers captured both to bring down their prosperity. Presently they will need to escape out of them to resume their trip.

Marine Rookie (Episode 780-782)

This round section happens before the whole cake island curve. Straw caps from food and decided to take food out of a marine foundation that they found while in transit to bring back Sanji out of Big Mom.

Carbonic Acid King (Episode 895-896)

These are the current fillers record that occurs in the arrangement. Straw limits while in transit to arrive in Wano; nonetheless, the ship’s cola gracefully is inaccessible. They opted to top it off on the island, which has a soft beverage-producing plant.

What is more, its owner is a wealth tracker. On the island, Luffy also fulfilled with Boa Hancock. Both crushed prosperity trackers and received the cola gracefully.

Wano Arc (Episode 907)

This scene is the main current filler in the want circular segment.

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