Notice changes in your skin during menstrual cycle? Here’s why it happens

The period can be very painful. But not only that, the menstrual cycle can also cause emotional pressure, mood changes, craves food, and changes in patterns on your skin. If you also experience certain skin care problems during your menstruation, know that you are not alone.

“Well, it’s due to hormonal changes. Our skin changes during each phase of the cycle – menstruation, follicles, ovulation, or luteal phase. All you need to do is adjust your skin care routine with changes to your skin and prevent breakouts and irritation,” Dr. Gehetika Mittal, a dermatologist, said in an Instagram post.

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At this time, the skin tends to dry because of the decline in production of progesterone and estrogen. By asserting that this is the right time for ‘self-care’, Dr. Mittal suggests using a soft moisturizer and a cream cleaner that will make your skin fat and also moisturize it. Combine more hyaluronic acid and ceramides into your routine.

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When the period ends, the body starts producing estrogen. As a result, the skin becomes healthy and plump because of increasing collagen production. This is the best time to test new products and more experiments because the skin is less sensitive. However, he suggested the moisturizing routine application.


This is a fertile window, and Dr. Mittal said that “While some women might shine, others might get acne because the skin is vulnerable to being a minier.” Thus, practice exfoliation or try clay mask and clean it twice every day to avoid breakouts. This is how you can choose the right exfoliant chemical for yourself.

Luteal phase.

During this phase, the release of progesterone tends to clog the pores, which lead to more breakouts. “Cleaning up with fragrant washing and using non-comedogenic moisturizers and oil,” he added.


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