Tips To Save Money On Wow! TV And Internet Bills

If you are a WOW! customer, you already understand that you are lucky enough to enjoy the most affordable and reliable internet service of all. But when it comes to saving money, more tips are always better. So today we are going to tell you some ways through which you can save more money on your WOW! TV and internet bills.

Before we jump into the tips you should know that the best way to economize on your bills is to bundle your services up. And luckily with WOW! you are getting a pretty amazing range of options to choose from. WOW! (WideOpenWest) is currently serving across 9 states nationwide. And is considered to be the 6th largest residential cable provider in the country.

Save More Money With WOW! Bundles

If you have not explored their bundles yet, then it is high time that you get to know about them. Because no matter how many tricks you apply to cut the cost, it is always best to get affordable plans in the first place.

So have a look at some exciting bundle offers that WOW! has for customers.

· WOW! Double Play (TV + Internet) Bundles

WOW! has always provided the best of the best plans to their customers and with bundle offers like these, you can only get more amazing quality services. With this double play bundle offer WOW! is allowing you to get access to the three most diverse types of packages, which you can choose as per your budget.

Here you are not only getting your blazing-fast internet for up to 200 Mbps but you can also get more than 160 of your favorite channels for as low as $124.98 per month.

· WOW Double Play (Internet + Voice) Bundles

When we say that WOW! cares that means it is designing plans that fit right to the customer’s needs, which include both the service requirements and the affordability factor.

These plans are the perfect example of that! Here you can enjoy internet and home phone services without worrying about any extra cost. So if you don’t want a cable TV service then this double play offer is perfect for you.

Here you can also get internet up to 1 Gbps with the amazing service of home phone and its fascinating features.

·WOW! Triple Play Bundles

This Triple Play package from WOW! can be your ultimate saving grace that can fulfill all your household needs in one go.

Here you can get internet, cable TV and home phone! Plus you also get to choose from the range of plans as per your budget. You will get high-quality home phone services, cable TV with up to 160 of your favorite channels, and a fast internet connection with a download speed of up to 1 Gbps. So, the most amazing part about all these plans is that you can easily pay your bills in just one go. And there is no need for you to get stuck in the hassle of figuring out which bill to pay next.

Moreover, the money-saving part is inevitable in this situation where you can trust WOW! and save your hard-earned money.

Additional Tips to Save Money with WOW!

It is easy to save some extra bucks when it comes to opting for bundle offers from WOW! services. But here are some additional tricks to save money on your internet and TV bills that can help you go the extra mile on your saving spree.

  • You can opt for a low-cost basic internet package that is starting from $39.99 per month and can help you get high-speed internet without spending a huge amount.
  • Get the WOW! Service Protection Plan that is available at only $5 per month, will waive away all the charges that you might have to pay for the repair and maintenance.
  • You can also contact the WOW! customer service and ask them about any promotional service or discounted plans.
  • Try to negotiate your bundle offer with your ISP by contacting customer service before signing up for any long-term contract.


You can take advantage of all the WOW! has to offer by exploring their amazing intent plans and examining their cable TV services with the WOW TV Guide. Plus their home phone service with incredible features to look out for. All of this can be yours and you don’t even have to spend fortunes on your bill payments.

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